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Our buyers are satisfied with the product they ordered or get their money back instead. In the unlikely event of your parcel gets lost, returned to sender, or stuck in customs for over two weeks, our 100% delivery guarantee and reshipment policy assure that we refund the full amount or re-ship the package free of charge if preferred.

Full Refunds & 100% Delivery Guarantee

We want to make sure you have a positive experience with us. Most of our deliveries go smoothly, but if there’s a problem with a product, our refund policy assures that buyers satisfied the product they ordered, or always get their money back.

You can use our 100% money-back guarantee when:


  • You don’t receive an item within 30 days;
  • You receive an item that doesn’t satisfy your needs.

Please note that we offer reshipments only (no refunds) if you provide an invalid shipping address, or if you do not accept or pick up the order after a failed delivery attempt.

  1. Please check our tracking page to ensure that the delivery is overdue before taking the next step.
  2. Contact customer service and inform us of the non-delivery. Our first step will be to follow up your package, and if the postal services are unable to rectify the issue, we will re-ship for free or refund as per your preference.

To get a refund, please send us a message using Submit a request form with the following details:

  • Order number
  • Your email

Note that the refund will take up to 14 days to credit to your account, but usually takes 2 to 5 business days. 

Important Note: Your recent purchase with us will appear on your credit card statement under a different merchant name (NOT specifically BuyModafinilOnline) so keep it in your mind in order to prevent chargebacks made by accident. Every chargeback leads to a permanent customer’s ban from our community even if it was made by mistake. NOTE: Under U.S.C. Title 18 Section 1029 Requesting a chargeback through your credit card company or bank without first contacting us and following correct refund procedures is regarded as fraudulent.

Our credit card payment processing gateways are located in Europe, China, and other countries because U.S. banks prohibit direct purchases for prescription drugs. Sometimes an international transaction fee of 3 – 5% may appear on your credit card statement because our payment gateway is charging in foreign currency (EUR or CNY). Neither BMO nor the payment processor will benefit from such a fee; your bank takes it. This is the main reason why we hate banks and love bitcoin so much so we give a 23% discount on all purchases with crypto. 

Payment NOT confirmed


If you have not paid for your order, then you don’t have to cancel your order because we process the order after the payment is confirmed. If your payment was declined, feel free to place a new order for your preferred item and payment option.


Payment is confirmed


You are free to cancel our order within 2 hours of order placement. Please ensure that you communicate directly with our customer support service. In order to perform cancellations, your order number will be required. In order to evaluate our service, the reason for cancellation is requested.

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